Maintain performance

How to maintain performance and get the most out of your equipment

Each bandsaw blade is a precision tool and should be treated with care and correctly installed.
You can maintain excellent blade performance and increase the blade lifetime by following the simple procedures described below.

  • Make sure that the blade is correctly fitted. Adjust the relevant parts of the bandsaw machine to ensure the blade runs in the middle of the guide slot. Also make sure that the teeth don’t come in contact with blade guides, running tables etc.
  • Always use the right tension for the blades; to excessive or to less tension will shorten the blade lifetime and may cause the blade to brake.
  • Adjust the machines back rests so that they give the blade support only when it is working.
  • Some of our blades are designed in order to be re-sharpened. Use the proper equipment and technique in order to maintain tooth geometry and tooth tip heat-treatment.
  • We strongly suggest developing a fixed schedule for inspecting, cleaning and maintaining your sawing equipment.

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