Patented grinding technology

Quality lies in the details

Our blades make up a small part of overall production costs, but they are critical for your operating reliability and output.

PatendedOur own unique, patented method of Computer Numerical Controlled - profile grinding is one of the key stone when manufacturing the high qualitative band saw blades that Munkfors is associated with.

Munkfors was the first company to develop this technique that was revolutionary when first introduced, and we have refining it ever since.

Profile grinding produces identical ultra-sharp teeth of uniform geometry and allows us to use base material of high tensile strength steel. This will increase the blades strength and lifetime while guaranteeing a consistent qualitative result.

Our patented profile-ground blades give: 

  •  Sharper blades 
  •  Uniform cutting geometry 
  •  Longer blade lifetime 
  •  Cleaner cutting

The consistent tooth geometry will directly reflect in consistent high qualitative result and high yields for you as a customer.