Family business

Family business

After 60 years of growth Munkfors is still a family company.

We cherish a close, almost family-like contact, and we would like our customers to feel that we are easy and uncomplicated to deal with, and to experience that friendly feeling.

These core values  are what inspire us.

Respect and trust
StaffRespect is an important factor for building long-lasting business relationships with customers from different cultures around the world, and it´s equally important that respect and trust is present in our own offices and production sites. In a sense, the family value of taking care of the people closest to you is present in our daily work and contributes greatly to our unique atmosphere! It is our aim that customers, suppliers, staff and competitors experience that they are treated with warmth and respect when in contact with Munkfors.

Innovation and development
We embrace change and new innovation, and strive to be at the leading edge when it comes to technical development. We have solid experience within R&D, of launching new innovations, and improving them and making them part of streamlined production. We relish challenges of all kinds, whether they come from our clients or from within, and never rest until we’ve solved them.

Passion and positive energy
Creating an all-round understanding of the different processes taking place, from receiving orders to the shipping of finished products, leads to individual responsibility and people wanting to take part in a team. In the end it´s team effort that developers the Munkfors product! Energetic and inspired staff is a true resource!

Flexibility and attentiveness
We have the power to make decisions for the benefit of our company and our customers. We realize the importance of being flexible, agile and responding quickly to make our customers happy – and more importantly, keeping them happy! We’re always looking for simpler, more efficient ways to work and in a close co-operation with our customers we have the best possible chance at succeeding!

Munkfors has been a leading player in saw blade production for over 60 years. Our well-established peak position in the market is the foundation of our stability. Our customers can rest assured that we are here to stay and that our long-term financial stability benefits them. It gives them the freedom to plan their purchasing from Munkfors knowing that we are not only an enduring supplier but also a smart innovator that is continuously launching new or improved products.