Wood applications

The sharp choice for the industrial woodworking

Munkfors meets the challenges presented by woodworking by providing a wide range of blades needed to cut through different types of wood.

Pallet manufacturing, portable sawmills, furniture, carpentry and hobbies are all addressed by Munkfors. The application challenges presented are primarily diverse materials, high shear forces and high-speed cutting. Most woodworking products are made from a wide variety of wood types that differ in hardness and density.

Munkfors meets the challenges found in woodworking through its wide range of blades of different design and functionality. Very sharp and tough blades make easy work of hard woods and fast cutting to give the best lifecycle economy.

Our superior ready-to-use welded blades ensure the identical tooth sequence and uniform cutting geometry needed to offer consistent productivity, performance and surface finish you can rely on.


Bengt Fridlund


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